Abacus Cosmos

A suite of cosmological N-body simulations


All simulation data products can be browsed at http://nbody.rc.fas.harvard.edu/public/AbacusCosmos/.

You’ll probably want to use a utility like wget or curl to recursively download the catalogs. The following tool will help you build a wget command to download the desired files.

We would like to thank Harvard Research Computing for their assistance in hosting the catalogs.

Command-line Builder

Simulation Sets

Data Products


Extracting data products

The larger data products (halos and particles) are stored in compressed formats (*.tar.gz files) to save disk space and reduce file transfer time. You will probably need to decompress them to perform analyses. Use the command

tar -xzvf file_to_decompress.tar.gz

in each directory that contains a tarball.

To automate this process on a whole directory tree, the Unix find command may be useful:

find directory_tree_root -type f -name '*.tar.gz' -execdir tar -xzf {} \;

To save disk space, you can add -delete to that command to remove the tar file after extraction.