Abacus Cosmos

A suite of cosmological N-body simulations


This website contains a number of N-body simulation data products from the Abacus project, including halos catalogs, particle subsamples, power spectra, and initial conditions. Each of these data products is described in Data Specifications; the simulations are described in Simulations.


If you encounter any problems with the catalogs, please file an issue on Github. Also be sure to check the Data Specifications, as your issue may be covered there. If your question is related to loading the catalogs, the Code Examples may also be helpful.


The Abacus Cosmos suite was run by Lehman Garrison on the GPU nodes of the University of Arizona’s El Gato super computer using the new N-body code Abacus. Abacus is written by Lehman Garrison, Doug Ferrer, Nina Maksimova, Daniel Eisenstein, Marc Metchnik, and Phil Pinto. See the Papers for more information.

abacus slice

A slice through an Abacus simulation box at \(z=1.0\) rendered with the Gotetra code. The slice is \(125 \mathrm{~Mpc}/h\) \(\times\) \(125 \mathrm{~Mpc}/h\) \(\times\) \(12.5 \mathrm{~Mpc}/h\).