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Halo Visualization Gallery

Snapshots of the 100 most massive halos in a cosmological $N$-body simulation at redshift $z=1$. The simulations were run with the Abacus $N$-body code for Garrison et al. (2016) with a Planck 2015 cosmology in a $562 {\rm~Mpc}/h$ box with $1440^3$ particles (particle mass $5\times 10^{9} {\rm~M_\odot}/h$). Each image is a $15 {\rm~Mpc}\times 15 {\rm~Mpc}\times 5 {\rm~Mpc}$ slice through the center of the halo.

The halos were visualized using Phil Mansfield's Gotetra code, which uses phase-sheet tesselation to preserve the dark matter caustics. The renderings are only medium-resolution, because the underlying simulation itself is only medium-resolution (you can clearly see the individual phase sheets in the voids of the simulation). One motivation of rendering many halos at medium resolution was to get a sense of the diversity of morphologies of halos in these simulations. For examples of extremely high resolution images rendered with Gotetra, see Benedikt Diemer's visualization page, which was the inspiration for this gallery.

Please credit as "Visualization code: Phil Mansfield; Simulations & visualizations: Lehman Garrison" if you would like to use these images.

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